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Rice Water is Good for Plants!
We have always been told by the experts not to wash pulses or rice more than once. Its our habits that don’t change. So here we give you a more productive idea. Washing rice can cause up to half of the water-soluble vitamins and minerals to be lost from the rice. The exact amount of nutrient loss will depend on the type of rice, how much water is used in washing, and how rigorous was the washing done. But generally, washing rice causes rice to lose up to 7% protein, 59% thiamine, 30% crude fiber, 15% free amino acids, 47% iron (Fe), 25% calcium (Ca), 47% total phosphorus (P), 11% zinc (Zn), 41% potassium (K), 26% riboflavin, and 60% niacin. So next time instead of throwing it use it for the plants. It is the best diy idea for homemade fertilizer.

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