Family gaming and ‘period parties’ among top parenting trends for next decade, study claims  – Live

Family gaming and ‘period parties’ among top parenting trends for next decade, study claims – Live

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Videos can use content-based copyright law contains reasonable use Fair Use (). FAMILY gaming replacing TV, the ‘Greta Effect’ and plastic-free living are among the top trends expected to shape parenting in the next decade, a new report has revealed.  A study of 2,000 parents found activist Greta Thunberg has inspired a generation to sit up and take action when it comes to climate change and the environment. 1 Family gaming is set to replace watching TV together as it is more interactiveCredit: Getty – Contributor  This is causing a power shift in families as parents are increasingly listening to their children’s concerns about the environment and mental health, and responding by altering how they behave.  As a result, the study by parenting site found 85 per cent of parents would be ‘proud’ for their child to campaign for a cause they care about, and teach adults at the same time.  A staggering 93 per cent of families are also planning to become more environmentally friendly over the next few years, by using less plastic.  Discussions around family size, dealing with difficult births and even period parties are also among the trends parents believe will rise in popularity during the next 10 years. founder Siobhan Freegard said: “We’ve had girl power and now it’s time for child power. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY PARENTING  “Consumer trends in the 2020s will increasingly be driven by the concerns and needs of the youngest members of society.  “Kids are hyper-aware of their impact on the world and the positive changes they want to see and are actively making them happen, rather than waiting for the adults to do it for them.”  The study also found 47 per cent of parents are planning to try gaming together in 2020, instead of sitting down to watch TV or a film.  And 58 per cent intend to try and take 20 minutes each day to simply sit with their children and listen to them – something known as ‘Everyday Take 20’.  Other trends for 2020 identified by the report include natural pregnancy – no scans or painkillers and minimal medical appointments – which is becoming more popular as eco-conscious mums want to get back to nature. RED THEMED PERIOD PARTIES  Although less than one per cent of parents polled would be willing to embrace an all-natural pregnancy, this is expected to grow through the next decade.  A third also think period parties – where parents celebrate their daughter’s first period with red-themed food and drink to remove the stigma – is a positive idea likely to become more popular in the UK.  And following comments from Prince Harry and wife Meghan about stopping at two children to save the planet, 29 per cent of parents think this will become more of a discussion over the next decade as they agree this is the ideal family size. 10 parenting tr


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