Here’s Top 8 Coldest Places on Earth You will Never Seen Before

1. Snag, Yukon, Canada

The confirmed lowest temperature recorded here was -63°C (-145°F). No jacket in the world will save you from that kind of coldness.

2. North Ice, Greenland

While Canada is pretty chilly, this place held the record for the lowest temperature in North America from way back in 1954. The temperature that was recorded back then was -66,1°C (-151°F).



3. Verkhoyansk, Russia

This place is doing pretty frosty with its record of -67,6°C (-154°F), but it also has another equally weird record: it has the highest temperature range of any place on earth. The recorded lowest and recorded highest temperature in Verkhoyansk are a whopping 105°C (221°F) apart.

4. Oymyakon, Russia

Siberia seems to be pretty consistent when it comes to temperatures, because this place is only slightly colder than Verkhoyansk, with a record temperature of -67,7°C (-153.86 °F).


5. Denali, Alaska

This mountain peak has had temperature recordings of -73°C (163.4°F), but that’s not all. The cold winds can go up (or down) to -83,4°C (182°F).



6. Dome Argus, Antarctic Plateau

Because it’s so hard to do proper temperature readings at Dome Argus, this entire part is basically just assuming things. It’s believed that temperatures in Dome Argus can go down to -90°C (194°F) or even -100°C (212°F). But again, at that point, who would notice the extra 10 degrees?

7. Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, Antarctica

Record lows of -80°C (-176°F ) and less are pretty common here. The absolute record here is -82,8°C (-181°F) and the warmest temperature you can find in this place is around -12°C (-53.6°F).

8. Vostok Station, Antarctica

Of course Vostok can do better – the lowest recorded temperature here is -89,2°C (192.56°F). Ironically, it’s also one of the places on Earth with the most sunlight.

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