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Sex robot brothel launches crowdfunding campaign | The Sun

United Kingdom

RANDY sex-bot enthusiasts will soon be able to bonk dirty droids at the world’s first “consent-focused” robot brothel.

A funding campaign for the US outlet will even let punters pay $10,000 to claim the virginity of a sex robot.

The brothel will be named Eve’s Robot Dreams, and will focus on guests building relationships with the sex robots.

Of course, it will inevitably lead to a bot-bonking session whether the robot consents or not, we’d imagine.

“Guests can visit in the futuristic cafe where they can get to know the world’s first companion robots,” the campaign explains.

“After they have met, guests have the option to spend time with their favourite robot in a private room.”

The brothel will be occupied by Realbotix sex robots.

Realbotix is a spin-off of Californian sex doll giant RealDoll, specialising in sex robots powered by artificial intelligence.

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