TOP 5 App Marketing Trends in 2020 🔥 Checkout for Nr. 4!

TOP 5 App Marketing Trends in 2020 🔥 Checkout for Nr. 4!

In today’s video, we’re going to talk about App Marketing Trends in 2020. 🔥

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Before we talk about 2020, let’s shortly talk about 2019. 2019 was in both, the mobile apps world as well as in the mobile gaming world, the biggest year ever in terms of revenue. And I can give you a tease of what 2020 is going to get even more.

Trend #1 Big vs. Small Apps 📱
There would be different kinds of battlefields happening. On the top, we will be seeing the big players fighting against each other, trying to get most out of their potential target audience out there, coming in with a lot of automation in terms of marketing, coming in with a lot of user acquisition strategies, coming in with a lot of new stuff that’s going to happen. Trying to attract the majority of all the people in the world out there. Trying to attract them to use their apps and play their mobile games.
But, on the other hand, there is also the other field of this battlefield. The niche battlefield. We will be seeing a lot of apps and mobile games going to specific niches, trying to attract a very specific target audience, and trying to conquer on those battlefields, trying to get the best players and also app users for their apps in this field as well.
So this means that both, on the top battlefield and as well as in the bottom battlefield, it will be very important that apps start positioning themselves as brands, and that they can really attract the users that they want to acquire, the best kind of users that can use those apps and also play those mobile games. And, we’re talking about establishing brands, one of the things that we’ve already seen in 2019 is with the help of Apple Search Ads, it is possible that you can place an ad based on your competitor’s keywords, based on the brand names of your competitors, and you can try to sneak in and get traffic from your competitors.

Trend #2 ASO Becomes more Competitive 🏎
On the one hand, we are seeing that the quality of assets, the quality of screenshots, the quality of preview videos are getting better and better and better. This means there is a lot of competition, a lot of pressure also coming from this side of the market.
Additionally to that, App Store Optimization is already part of the onboarding. This means when people come to your store listing, they already have an understanding of what your app is about. They already have an understanding of which kind of features they can use with your app. And this means that the App Store Optimization journey is also taking in this onboarding experience as well, and, therefore, it is very important that you keep an eye on it, and that you track it and that you optimize it.
When talking about optimizing your store listing, it is also very important that you localize your app into different languages, that you test your screenshots in different markets, and really try to identify, which ones are working, and which ones don’t.

Trend #3 – Managing Creatives 🖼
Uploading your screenshots, uploading your visuals to this is really a pain in the *** process. Good news for you, at App Radar,

Trend #4 – User Acquisition 🗣
We’ll see a shift going away from acquiring new users over to retargeting already existing users or lost users that we had on the past. User acquisition of new users is already at its peak in specific countries. Therefore, it is getting more and more important to reengage and retarget users that you already acquired in the past. Another statistic that places into this comes from Adjust. They figured out that the retarget user generates 37% more revenue than a new user on average.

Trend #5 – The AppGallery🚨
A new platform! Maybe it’s not going to be Apple glasses, even though, there are some rumors out there. But, there is another app store that is getting more and more momentum up and going. I’m talking about Huawei AppGallery.
Huawei AppGallery is the answer of Huawei to Google Play Store in China because there is no Google Play in China. Keep in mind that already 50% of all app downloads happening on a global scale come directly from China. This means we have a massive market with a new app store that is getting more and more momentum.
If your app is rolled out internationally and is also working in China, it is very important that you keep the AppGallery in mind, because, as mentioned, this app store is going to see a lot of momentum, especially in 2020.


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