Top Trends in Tech: Interview with Jeremiah Owyang | NETGEAR

Top Trends in Tech: Interview with Jeremiah Owyang | NETGEAR

See all the latest product announcements from CES 2020:

At #CES2020, we landed an exclusive interview with Jeremiah Owyang, Disruptive Tech & Corporate Innovation Analyst at Kaleido Insights. Join Jeremiah and our host, Chris Salazar, as we give you the inside scoop into the latest and greatest technologies shipping to your door or your department store shelves in the next 2-3 years.

Jeremiah Owyang is an industry analyst who helps his clients solve how new technology connects companies to their customers. From corporate innovation, autonomous cars, or modern wellbeing, he sees emerging technologies through a lens of growth, opportunity, and constantly shifting consumer behaviors and expectations.

Join NETGEAR and Jeremiah and we embrace the vision of a more connected future while also being aware of how emerging technologies will impact how we live and work today.

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